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Kirsten & Tyler

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

This bride and groom brought a huge collection of elements, from crochet to chandeliers, that worked perfectly together, to create elegance and charm in the orchard. They were a joy to work with because they were organized and always kind. A perfectly matched couple with beautiful smiles and tangible electricity between them. A full length veil, lace and chiffon adorn the bride. The groom rocked a modern gray suit and tie with dark chocolate colored shoes. 

The bride, a gifted graphic artist made an original sign complete with their monogram to greet guests as they entered the Villa Venue. Her graphics were also a part of the sign-in table, where guests could leave personal advice.

Reception decor included; chandeliers hanging in the orchard, mirrors, tussie mussie like bouquets as centerpieces in vintage vases, candles, crocheted runners and ironwork on wooden farm tables, silk,  pearls and shepherds hooks with babies breath and roses....... all perfectly brought together to create 'elegance and charm'. Handsome groomsmen along with lovely bridesmaids dressed in peaches and cream & lace and silk, and luscious bouquets of pink peonies and peach garden roses, were the order of the day. And how convenient that the peach poppies at The Villa decided to bloom for this wedding!

Delicious salads, artisan breads, refreshing drinks, and original family desserts were all finely labeled with the brides perfect graphics.

When you have a full length veil, its fun to switch to a flower crown for some of the activities. Throwing the bouquet and lots of dancing was the perfect finish to this perfect day.

Also, sometimes you are so whimsical and your photographer is so epic that you make the cover of a magazine. And maybe the venue helped a little.

Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography

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